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Energy exploration and production is a time and cost-intensive endeavor. And the corporations working to meet the planet’s growing energy demand must carefully and strategically deploy their resources. Qbase technologies have helped these organizations quickly make sense of their data – on everything from wells, equipment and suppliers to communities and human capital – so that they can make informed business decisions.

We map information to geography and geo-enable data. We know more about locations than anyone. And with over 300 million locations in our knowledge base, we have helped customers in the energy arena by:

  • Adding value to existing enterprise applications by geospatially enabling these applications

  • Providing automatic extraction of location information from unstructured text, allowing users to discover content they would never have found before

  • Helping them do more with less, by automatically delivering documents related to geographic areas of interest

  • Creating customized solutions that make their analysts smarter and more effective

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