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Solr Compatibility Now Available with MetaCarta GeoSearch

Qbase deployed the second generation of its MetaCarta GeoSearch Toolkit for Solr which brings true geospatial document search to Solr, the popular open source enterprise search engine. It now provides polygonal search as well as confidence and relevancy scoring to its offerings.

More Details on Qbase Acquisition of MetaCarta Explained at GeoINT

From the Qbase-MetaCarta booth at GeoINT 2010, Scott Lightner, Chief Technology Officer at Qbase offers a video summary of the functionality of newly-acquired MetaCarta technology, as well as additional highlights and benefits to Qbase from the acquisition.

New Automated Data Tool Performs Processing Of Medical Images

A new version of Qbase Data Transformer that goes beyond conventional ETL tools for textual data is now poised and able to take in medical imagery for healthcare diagnostics.

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