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New automated data tool processes medical images

Qbase announced today the release of a new version of Qbase Data Transformer™ that goes far beyond traditional ETL tools for textual data to encompass medical imagery for healthcare diagnostics.

Qbase releases geospatial data tools

Qbase Inc. today announced release of a new, specialized suite of data quality tools that allow transformation and visualization of geospatial information for business intelligence and decision-support.

Qbase acquires CFA Networks

Qbase, a fast-growing data management and analytics company headquartered in Ohio, announced Tuesday that it has acquired the assets of CFA Networks and its affiliated data warehousing and IT service companies.

Qbase Announces Gifts to Higher Education and Nonprofit Institutions

Qbase announced today that its shareholders are making gifts of equity to benefit nine higher education and nonprofit institutions in the Dayton-Springfield region.

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