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Qbase Awarded National Association for Public Health Statistics (NAPHSIS) Data Quality Contract

DAYTON -- Qbase, LLC announced today that it has been selected by NAPHSIS to provide the company’s proprietary software and data analysis solutions to all 57 jurisdictions of NAPHSIS which includes all 50 states, 5 U.S. territories (Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands), New York City, and the District of Columbia. The two-year effort will help each of the jurisdictions analyze the quality of their vital birth record databases that will be accessed from the EVVE® (Electronic Verification of Vital Events) system. Each jurisdiction will receive Qbase Data DiscoveryTM and Data Transformer™ licenses, real-time service desk support from Qbase’s National Support Center, and on-site professional services to initiate the birth record data quality program.

The Silver Spring, Maryland based NAPHSIS selected Qbase and its technology after a competitive bid process among its corporate members. “We could not be more proud, both of the quality of technology that we can provide to customers like NAPHSIS and for the opportunity to help implement this program which is so vital to US security,” stated Steve Baldwin, CEO of Qbase.

“We looked for a partner who had flexible, user friendly technology that our member jurisdictions could operate and maintain, and also had the depth of professional services to assist our members in their data analysis efforts. Qbase was the clear winner on both fronts,” stated Garland Land, Executive Director for NAPHSIS.

The EVVE system will markedly improve the quality of information that many Federal and State agencies rely on for proof of age, proof of citizenship, identification for employment purposes, to issue benefits and other documents (e.g. driver’s licenses, Social Security cards, and passports) and to assist in determining eligibility for public programs or benefits.

NAPHSIS has developed and implemented this electronic system that allows for immediate confirmation of the information on a birth certificate presented by an applicant to a government office anywhere in the nation irrespective of the place or date of issuance. Authorized Federal and State agency users, via a single interface, can generate an electronic query to any participating vital records jurisdiction throughout the country to verify the contents of a paper birth certificate or to request an electronic certification (in lieu of the paper birth certificate). An electronic response from the participating vital records jurisdiction either verifies or denies the match with official state or jurisdiction records. It will also flag positive responses where the person matched is now deceased. As designed, queries can be generated and matched against 250 million birth records in jurisdiction vital record databases nationwide. The EVVE system is also capable of supporting the electronic verification and/or electronic certification of death records.

About Qbase
Qbase, LLC is an innovative data solutions provider, providing unique concepts and tools in the areas of business intelligence, data analytics, data fusion, modeling and visualization, and platforms for sensor data exploitation and geospatial information as well as high throughput computing. Qbase solutions facilitate improved access and delivery of actionable data content for commercial and military healthcare, federal, civilian, defense, homeland security and national information services agencies by applying innovative technology and demonstrated deployment methodologies. We meet challenges to improve the effectiveness of our client’s data however, whenever and wherever it is needed. Qbase has offices in Reston, Virginia and Dayton and Springfield, Ohio. For more information on Qbase please visit

NAPHSIS is the professional association of state vital records and public health statistics offices in the United States. The NAPHSIS mission is to provide national leadership and advocacy on behalf of its members to ensure the quality, security, confidentiality and utility of vital records and health statistics, as well as their integral role within health information systems, for monitoring and improving public health. In addition, NAPHSIS provides technical assistance and training, conducts educational programs and provides access to resources to assist in vital records and health statistics management.

The information our members collect and the statistics we produce are the foundation for program planning, surveillance, and research in areas such as maternal and child health, pandemic disease control, reducing health disparities, and identifying emerging health concerns. For more information on NAPHSIS, please visit

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